Burghausen and the Salzach Valley around Raitenhaslach are particularly inviting for diversified walks. As a short breather during a thrilling family celebration in the monastery guest house or as a day out during your stay in the Salzach Valley.

A scenic walk lasting 1.5 hours takes you in from the old town of Burghausen to Raitenhaslach along the Salzach River. You can walk from Raitenhaslach to Tittmoning through the wild romantic river valley in approx. three hours. 

A walk alone in the old town of Burghausen, along the longest castle in Europe, puts you in a medieval mood. This short walk is wonderful on a nice day. There is a lot to see and nice restaurants to enjoy.

Against the backdrop of the illuminated castle you can experience the world around the castle and the old town houses as well as the “Wöhrsee” in a different way. Rare species of birds have their homes along the river Inn and can be discovered on a tour on foot.

There are many attractions on the Bavarian side of the Salzach River and in the Upper Austrian Region with a vast network of trails for adventurous visitors or for those looking for recreation.