Your hosts at the Raitenhaslach Monastery Inn

The Raitenhaslach monastery Inn is part of the Group of Old Town Hotels in Burghausen run by the Mitterer siblings.This includes the traditional Hotel Post on the town square, the Garden Hotel Salzach and the Hotel Burgblick on the Austrian side of the old town.

The family has been a tenant of the historic city hall in Burghausen for almost 50 years and for more than a decade has been recommended as the caterer for all the rooms of the castle in Burghausen. Your hosts at Raitenhaslach monastery Raitenhaslach Inn are Bettina Oswald, Stefan Kirschner, etc. 

Reservations and information:

Tel. +49 (0)8677 / 9730,   Fax +49 (0)8677 / 96 56 66,