Klostergasthof Raitenhaslach

Raitenhaslach 9
D - 84489 Burghausen,
ein Betrieb der Altstadthotels
Fam. Mitterer GmbH

The baroque monastery in  Raitenhaslach - a cultural treasure




A BAVARIAN JEWEL – woken with a kiss from a 200-year slumber

Almost exactly 200 years to the day after secularization in Bavaria had resulted in the resolution and the auction of the Cistercian monastery in Raitenhaslach, it was first possible in 2010 to experience the largely original baroque architecture and painting of the old monastery in a fascinating tour.

As the oldest facility of its kind, the Cistercian monastery was founded by Earl Wolfher von Wasentegernbach and his wife. The present day design and facade of the church date back to the mid-18th century in the Rococo style. Until the dissolution of the monastery in 1803 it was closely connected to the Bavarian royal family.

Particularly interesting are the altars, frescoes and the cloister with the grave stones.

The past  200 years have been like a sleeping beauty Story for this cultural and religious treasure.

Raitenhaslach is located on a River Salzach loop, immersed in pristine nature. The monastery has been  in the possession of the town of Burghausen since 2004. Since then, the grounds have been redesigned to remove the offending brewery buildings and a trail of open spaces have been created for temporary art exhibitions.

A new stage is used for musical performances and plays. Raitenhaslach several times has also been used as a TV set. 
Only after the town of Burghausen had acquired a large part of the monastery,  were the "baroque worlds of Raitenhaslach" able to be discovered and explored by visitors.