Klostergasthof Raitenhaslach

Raitenhaslach 9
D - 84489 Burghausen,
ein Betrieb der Altstadthotels
Fam. Mitterer GmbH

The castle and Old Town of Burghausen

It is called the "longest castle in Europe", but often this medieval monument is even called "the longest castle in the world." With a North-to-South extension of 1043 meters, the castle, including its six courtyards extends on a narrow mountain ridge.


The complex was expanded in the time of the “Wittelsbacher” as the residence of the Dukes of Lower Bavaria. Today it is a popular travel destination for many tourists in Eastern Bavaria and should is a must-see during a visit to the Old Town. The glittering Salzach river, the castle and the old town with its grave raised roofs and facades are a combination that are uniquely beautiful. The old town is a unique urban unity and is preserved as an ensemble as a site of historical interest.

The magnificent town square is dominated by the parish church of St. Jacob (14th century), the Town Hall, the former government building, the Guardian Angels Church (1731), and the St. Joseph’s Church (1631), with its the Jesuit College, which became the Kurfürst-Maximilian-Gymnasium (1662-64). The best way to admire this beauty is during a visit to one of the Bavarian beer gardens.


To the south side of the town square “In den Grüben”, you can find the former Burghausen Handwerkerstraße and the current pedestrian Zone which invites you to stroll, shop and relax in a small street café. The “Mautner Castle”, an outstanding monument (mid-16th century) is located at the end of the street. Public tours of the old town take place from Easter to October, every first Saturday of the month at 2 pm. The tickets can be purchased directly for from the tour guide.